March 02, 2007

A few things today

First of all, I got another Showcase on Etsy today. This one is all things game related. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but it doesn't seem to be getting a lot of views yet. That's okay though, it's fun to create the list. And hopefully, someone will sell something too. If you want to check it out, just click HERE. I happen to be in 2 Treasury lists myself as well, and proud of it. I think it's really cool, but one of the items sold last week. I hope it gets replaced with something else I made. He He

My second bit of business is that I finished off a nice quilt yesterday. I've had the top done for ages, but just haven't been working on quilts much lately. I like the way it turned out, the colors are great. I may be inspired to do another one next week, we'll see how the weekend goes. The main reason I haven't been working on any quilts lately, is that I want to offer an embroidery option for them. But once they're done, I can't embroider them or it will show through on the back side. Eugh, who'd want that? Once I figure out a good way to price embroidery, and Nick figures out a good way to add it to the site, maybe I will. For now, I'll just let people know if it's an option I guess. No one's bought any quilts from me yet, so I don't consider this a great and important issue.

And last but not least, I've got a spot in the Etsy Showcase tomorrow. It's my first time, I've never been able to get a spot before. I think I'm usually asleep when they go on sale! Anyway, I moved my featured items around in my shop, trying to figure out what would appeal to most people and get them to click in. I settled on one of my handbags that has a lot of views. I'm hoping it will attract enough attention that someone will click it, and then get inspired enough by the little thumbnails to actually go take a look in the shop...and of course, buy something. This is my only income right now, I need the money. If it weren't for Nick, I'd be homeless, and starving. I wouldn't have such a nice website either. So what I'm trying to say is, please check me out on the Etsy Showcase tomorrow (and next Saturday too).
One more thing, thanks to all who have actually read my blog and made comments, it makes me feel all warm inside.

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LeeAnn said...

I actually found your blog through your etsy site through your showcase! I had to stop by. The pink tote was too pretty not to have a closer look. And your knitted monkey iPod holders. I just sent a friend your link because that her style. And after I am done writing this, I am going back to your blog and reading some more!