February 07, 2011

February Post

Maybe if I set myself a nice attainable goal I can achieve it? One post a month? Well, it's busy, busy, busy around here.

 Amelia is 4 months old now, wow! She's getting more and more fun every day, rolling over, laughing, playing with toys ~ good stuff. We have a very active social calendar, which really helps me get through the days. I'm meeting lots of mommies near me and that's been really great too.

We've finally started adding doors to the upper cabinets in the kitchen. They even have knobs now (I took this picture at Christmas time). Only 4 more to go and we can think about adding a pantry. Whoopee!!

I've baked a few things recently....the Star Wars cookies were yummy.
 I've finished one of my pre-baby sewing projects. She's probably just about ready to wear this little dress.
 I'm still buying bits of fabric here and there, I can't help myself. I don't know yet what these will become, but I think Amelia will have something to do with it.
 And of course, spending my days playing with this little peanut is what I do most of the time. Our pediatrician told us to start suicide-proofing the house today, yikes, I'm not ready for that!

I hope you're getting more done than I am.