September 16, 2009

Blog Break

Have you noticed lately that I haven't been posting much?
Me too.

In the interest of not burning myself out, and boring you to tears, I'm going to take a break from the ol' blog. I'll be back soon, I promise. I just need a little creative renewal. See ya again real soon.

September 04, 2009

I Can See Clearly

This is the view from my driveway. The front of my house is actually on the side. The kitchen is on the end. It's very confusing. Until this past weekend, it was even more confusing.

There's a lot of space in front of the house and it was FILLED with overgrown rhododendrons. Now, rhoddies are the state flower of Washington. I don't know why because I can't seem to come up with something good about them. They're messy, sticky and ugly and only in bloom for about a week. And only two of ours did bloom.

I think the rhoddies in front of our house had been there for a very long time. There was one that was more like a tree, it was the ugliest one and the most visible. I've been saying we should remove them since we got here. The day finally came!!!

Here's what it looks like now when you come to my house. I think it looks a lot more like a path now. You might even think there's a front door down there. *sigh, I'm so happy