November 21, 2014

New Pattern News - Circular Needle Organizer

Hey everyone. I seem to be doing a great job keeping up with my 2-posts-a-year schedule, eh?.

I had to share some exciting news with you anyway...duh duh duh daaaah

 I finally got the new pattern tested and into my shop! It took me a whole year to get this thing tested and ready so I'm pretty darn excited. And just in time for me to leave on a little trip around the globe tomorrow. We're headed to England to find out if we're, gulp, moving back over there. Let's just say I'm not quite as excited about a transcontinental move as I am about the pattern.

I hope to blog about some stuff when I get back, but here are a few things I've been up to.

Someone in my house recently turned 4. We had a Doc McStuffins party and I got to make the costume.

 I recently made a ghost costume too. :)

I made a sweet baby blanket for a friend in Australia. I think the baby is about 4 months old now and still hasn't received said blanket. We'll see the daddy in the UK next week so I might as well hand deliver it, right?

Here's the bear I made for the same little peanut. I used this pattern from Amy Gaines, so cute!

A friend of ours from my husband's office also had a baby this past September. She told us she really likes giraffes so this is what I made for her little guy.
All scrap yarn too. Pretty good, huh?

And I guess this must be my biggest project lately. I had a huge bag of t-shirts in my hallway for about 4 years and finally opened it up. A friend of mine collected these Hard Rock Cafe shirts from all over the world and asked me to make him a t-shirt quilt. Let me first say, I hate t-shirt quilts. I'm sorry, I just think they're ugly. Not my thing. Anyway, I am pretty proud of this thing. It's a queen size and I think it turned out great. The owner is beyond happy too. The common color scheme of the shirts definitely adds to the quilt's success. 

Hope you're well and crafting.