November 21, 2014

New Pattern News - Circular Needle Organizer

Hey everyone. I seem to be doing a great job keeping up with my 2-posts-a-year schedule, eh?.

I had to share some exciting news with you anyway...duh duh duh daaaah

 I finally got the new pattern tested and into my shop! It took me a whole year to get this thing tested and ready so I'm pretty darn excited. And just in time for me to leave on a little trip around the globe tomorrow. We're headed to England to find out if we're, gulp, moving back over there. Let's just say I'm not quite as excited about a transcontinental move as I am about the pattern.

I hope to blog about some stuff when I get back, but here are a few things I've been up to.

Someone in my house recently turned 4. We had a Doc McStuffins party and I got to make the costume.

 I recently made a ghost costume too. :)

I made a sweet baby blanket for a friend in Australia. I think the baby is about 4 months old now and still hasn't received said blanket. We'll see the daddy in the UK next week so I might as well hand deliver it, right?

Here's the bear I made for the same little peanut. I used this pattern from Amy Gaines, so cute!

A friend of ours from my husband's office also had a baby this past September. She told us she really likes giraffes so this is what I made for her little guy.
All scrap yarn too. Pretty good, huh?

And I guess this must be my biggest project lately. I had a huge bag of t-shirts in my hallway for about 4 years and finally opened it up. A friend of mine collected these Hard Rock Cafe shirts from all over the world and asked me to make him a t-shirt quilt. Let me first say, I hate t-shirt quilts. I'm sorry, I just think they're ugly. Not my thing. Anyway, I am pretty proud of this thing. It's a queen size and I think it turned out great. The owner is beyond happy too. The common color scheme of the shirts definitely adds to the quilt's success. 

Hope you're well and crafting.


Sonia said...

I bought your pattern on etsy, and took to kind to make it, sho study wouldn't let me leave a review.

A couple of suggested improvements:
Indicate your seam allowance on your pattern

Also when assembling the accordion shadow, please indicate whether the pockets should be centered against the sides or aligned with the top or bottom

I think adding those classifications would improve your pattern.

I really enjoyed sewing it and will be making more for the gals in my knitting group.

Thanks much

Elder & Sister Rowley said...

Really struggling with putting this together. I’m a new sewer and could use more pictures showing the steps or video