March 10, 2007

Nice nice nice

I'll start today by talking about the cool Etsy notebook I got in the mail from another Etsy seller the other day. Her shop is called "from Belgium with Love". All of her stuff is great, but I just bought this cute little notebook. I seem to have a notebook for everything these days, so this one will be handy for my Etsy related notes. I really love the Pantone strip down the side and the hand binding. So cute. And thanks Eenig, for enclosing the cute little button with your business card. As soon as I got that little flower button, I got right on Etsy & ordered some for myself as promos. I can't wait to get them and send them out with orders.

Speaking of orders, I can't believe I sold 3 items in one day this past week, and another the next day. A serious record for me. I listed a new monkey last night, that I had planned on showing off here, but he sold too. It's been a lucky few days for me. And thanks to JennMaruskaDesign, I have another custom order for a gadget monkey to work on. And I'm very pleased that she was happy to receive her custom gadget monkey, Daisy, whom you can read about in her Blog. Daisy looks like she's fitting in well, I'm so glad. (Thanks for saying such nice things about me Jenn)

I had a Showcase on Etsy today, but haven't sold anything as yet. Lots of looks though. I did get a chance to list a second new monkey today, and he's making his apperance on the Showcase page now. I really need to make some more of those little guys.

It's getting late over here, and I've had a fairly full day. Nick & I went for a drive to a village called Halstead today & had some lunch. It was a nice time, but it feels like it's been a long day. I haven't done any sewing, but I worked a bit more on my new Flickr account. I uploaded a lot of my fabrics to it so I can send folks there to pick their favorites. I just started the Flickr thing yesterday. Another time consuming computer job. I hope that's it, I need to do some sewing. I put a little ad for it over there on the left. I don't actually know the address. I'll figure that out later.

Nighty Night

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