March 06, 2007

The Raspberry Bullet

Every day, I pretty much do the same thing. Get up, make breakfast, walk to the train station with Nick, come home, make coffee, go upstairs & get to work. I usually spend an hour or two on the computer, sometimes more, then get to the sewing machine. Pretty standard stuff, eh?
Well, it seems that I have developed a bad habit when it comes to my morning coffee. I can't seem to finish it, certainly not while it's still hot. I'm pathetic. I must run downstairs & heat up my coffee three times a day. I always end up throwing half of it away in the end.
So yesterday I decided to give my fancy Starbucks thermos (a velentine's Day gift from Nick) a try. It's really cool looking, kind of irridescent. Anyway, it's not the kind you drink out of, it's just to keep the coffee hot for a while. It has a great pouring spout with a button thingy, and it doesn't even leak. I pour a tiny cup of coffee, drink it down, pour another one, drink it down - still hot. Remarkable! So glad I decided to give an invention a shot at solving my problem, & thank you Starbucks for selling cool looking thermoses.

p.s. I posted another Etsy Treasury list today...check it out. It's all about polka dots.


Melissa said...

Hi there! I'm the same with coffee. Because I have 2 little boys I don't get the chance to sit down and actually finish it while it's hot. The thermos pourer looks fabulous!
Your stuff on Etsy is really awesome! I can see your doing really well, and I like your blog here as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I do the same with my coffee. I just got used to drinking it cold. lol! But I think I'll look for a thermos as I *do* prefer it hot. :)