March 16, 2007

New to the Family

Over the last week I've sold 6 of my little gadget monkeys, so I decided to bring a few new ones into the family. Meet Rupert & Steve. Rupert is pretty cool because he comes with a strap so you can hang him from the handle of a bag. He's perfect for an iPod or cell phone. And Steve is a slightly smaller monkey, great for a phone as well. He'd be good at holding an iPod mini, but he's a bit small for the video ones.
Anyway, these two guys will be moving into my shop and will be available on Etsy too. If I have time tomorrow, I've got another new monkey to introduce as well. He's got a button loop on his hat like Steve, and he wears a nice purple hat. Keep your eyes peeled for new monkeys, there moving in all the time.

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