March 04, 2007

Yet another

So I've just listed my 3rd Catie Diaper Bag today, both on Etsy and I got a chance to use my long awaited Dick & Jane fabrics, and I still have enough left over to make a few bibs, hooray! I'm pretty happy with this bag, you can't say it's dull, it's really bright! A lot of mom's don't seem to want the baby pastel stuff these days. This one will appeal to them, it's downright loud. It'd be great for a baby shower gift for someone who doesn't know the sex of the baby yet too, it's pretty gender-neutral. I enjoy using lots of fabrics to make these bags, but it takes ages. The cutout time is way longer because of the multiple fabrics. It's a different look compared to most diaper bags so I think it's worth it.

In other news... I've been having a lot of trouble with my sewing machine lately. Well, let me rephrase that, it's been a real pain in the neck since I got it. I find this particularly disturbing because I've only had it a year, and it cost a fortune. It's a PFAFF 2144, a very nice machine. It does embroidery too, or it would if I could get the software to work for me. Don't get me started on that. Anyway, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I can't seem to get this machine to do a simple straight stitch sometimes. This is rediculous! Every time I go to topstitch something, or stitch up anything on the small side, I get all worked up because I know the machine may not do it. Sad, no? My old $89 Brother that I got in like 1989 was better than this. Even more frustrating, is the fact that I was absolutely in love with my last PFAFF. What the heck is the deal with this thing? I'm looking forward to going back to California so I can get it serviced. It's not like I can just go without a sewing machine, it's kinda what I do.

What I'm trying to say is this... I would have had another bag done today if I hadn't had to pull the topstitching out 4 times. I ended up taking part of the machine off & cleaning it out as much as I could (this includes a good swipe with the vacuum). It seems to have helped, but I'm still not impressed. Even a less AR (anal retentive, as my boyfriend calls it) person would not accept the stitching my PFAFF is doing these days. It's criminal what I paid for this machine, it should work properly.


Jenn Maruska said...

Oh Dear! My old Kenmore (in a beautiful shade of olive) would revolt whenever I'd try to sew more than two layers of fabric together. That was no fun.

Sorry that I can't offer any advice - I tried yelling and threatening my old machine to no avail.

Mine had been around the block a few times - but yours is too young for this type of behavior. Show it who's boss ; )

Anonymous said...

I can sooo relate to you. My computerized Brother is doing the same thing (the stitches keep bunching up). I took it apart 20 times and it still does not work. I had to take it to the shop and they said it will take 2 WEEKS!! In the meantime I have a stack of orders to sew. I had to pull out my old basic Singer machine (and I really don't like sewing on this one)!

BeaDreams said...

Wow very nice bags and a nice blog. I am very new to sewing. I recently bought a Kenmore and took a sewing class. Made lounge wear:) Am hoping to sew a pair of trousers soon. Love your creations. Good Luck