March 22, 2007

Another Newbie

I call this one Maggie, after my little cousin. I saw a really cute bag in a book I have & decided to make one sort of like it. I know, I'm losing everyone's respect now because I was inspired by a pattern book. That's life. I only used the book for the idea, okay? I made this bag from scratch, by myself, no help. I hope you like it.

I used a few of my 1930's reproduction fabrics for this bag. I have about a gazillion of them, in boxes I've had for years. Seriously, years. I've been buying these prints since they first came out. I just see them & get a yard here & there. I think this bag really suits the prints. I may go crazy & make another one in a different color scheme. Whoa! Actually, I have some great leftover fat quarters from April Cornell's Sonnet Collection. I might whip one up with those fabrics...aqua, coral,'ll have a completely different look.
I want to use them for a Catie Diaper Bag too. I just sold the Dick & Jane one I made. Well, I think I sold it - they haven't paid. I hope it's not a fake sale, that would be poo. I need to make a Catie bag from something, I keep selling them. I make one, I sell one. Good stuff though, that's what I'm here for. Hooray.
Anyway, the new Maggie bag is available on my website and on Etsy.


Anonymous said...

I say take inspiration where it comes!! Pattern books are fun to look at and your bag is great! I like the buttons! : )

Jenn Maruska said...

Another beautiful bag! I like the buttons, too : )

I'm getting lots of compliments on my gadget cozy - your craftsmanship is impressive!

Katie Jean said...

cute bag! I love the buttons at the corners. I know we all have about a million of them, what a great way to use them!

Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely bag! I found your site through the etsy blog thread.