September 26, 2007

Fun Stuff in the Mail

Hooray! I had a good mail day today. I got a new Land of Nod catalog for ideas & inspiration, and some cool fabric from Z&S. I'm so excited!

I got these 3 from the Fall Back in Time collection by Moda. I love the colors in this line, but I had to limit myself. I think I'll make a few zipper bags & maybe a baby bib or two.
And these you've already seen. I ordered a few larger pieces of the fabrics I'm going to use for the wedding so I could be absolutely sure I like them. Who knows what I'll think 7 months from now, but I'm going to go for it. Besides, everything's 15% off at Z&S right now. If I'm quick I could save a bundle. That one on the right will make a gorgeous table runner. I'm going to photograph these and make some images for our wedding website now. :)


Jenn Maruska said...

Love that blue and white one on the right - beautiful!

Christina J. said...

The fabrics are gorgeous. I like all of the florals!

Lisa Clarke said...

Oh, I had nearly talked myself out of that fall fabric, but now... I just don't know. And 15% off sure is tempting. It's really too bad things have to cost money, isn't it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

What lovely fabrics--you're going to have so much fun with them.

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, I just love the prints you've picked out. You've definitely got an eye for good picks, both in look and in price!

Great work!