September 19, 2007

Cupcakes & Bridal Registries

First off, let me say thanks for all the "Happy Birthday"s I got yesterday. I don't like getting older, but I do like the way you feel a little special for a day. Know what I mean? It's always a bit sad going to bed on your birthday because you know you'll just be a regular person again the next day, lol. Anyway, I had a great birthday yesterday.
I told you all that I was planning a trip into San Francisco. After a little ferry drama, I made it across the bay. It's a lovely ride when the fog is away. I did some research before I left to find a good cupcake source, and was lucky enough to find one in the ferry terminal building. The shop is called Miette. They've got a great website with really sweet graphics, so I was convinced. I did actually read some reviews before making my choice, it wasn't entirely based on graphics and location. I decided on a chocolate cupcake with vanilla butter cream. Now, I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but it was the only way to get the vanilla butter cream, and that's what I was really after. All the other cupcakes had some sort of fruit mixed in or something, and I'm a plain Jane. I carried that cupcake around for several hours before actually tasting it. The anticipation building, I finally decided to give it a go. In the end, the packaging was better than the cake. I know, sad. The cupcake itself was waaaaay to chocolatey & squishy, almost like it was undercooked. The butter cream had no flavor whatsoever. I was crushed. I kept taking more bites with lots of frosting to see if I was wrong, but I wasn't. It was a complete bust. Ah well.
I did have a great day, to spite the cupcake. I don't want to bore you with details, but I ended up registering for the wedding at Macy's & Williams Sonoma. I had a lot more fun at Williams Sonoma. I don't need all that stuff that a bride normally registers for, I'm old, I've already got it all. I enjoyed picking cookbooks and fun bakeware like this and this. We'll see how it goes. The Macy's registry may get forgotten. Sorry Martha Stewart.


Sugarloaf said...

happy (belated) birthday!! Good to hear you had a great day!
(oh, today is my hubby's birthday.)

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh dear! I am crushed that your birthday cupcake was a bust. : ( Oh... I just want to give you a hug!

Have I ever mentioned that there's a fantastic cupcake shop within walking distance of my house?

I'm not making that up:

I'm pretty certain I saw one there that had your name on it....

; )

Nutsy Coco said...

Isn't it always the way when you get all excited about something like a fantastic cupcake, that it's a letdown? Good thing for those unexpected pleasures that balance them out :)

Anonymous said...

What a shame about the cupcake but I am so glad the rest of your day was so lovely. What fun to register for your wedding--that's so exciting, isn't it?

Nora said...

Sorry about the cupcake what a bust! How about registering at Sur la Table? I live in the east bay near walnut creek I'll bet we have better cupcakes through the tunnel!