September 12, 2007

Day Off

After having two weeks off, I decided to join Nick & our visiting friends on a trip to the city yesterday. I'll get back to work today, I think. We've lived here for almost 5 months now and have spent very little time in San Francisco. Nick goes there every day to work, but promptly gets on the ferry and returns home. And what better attraction to experience than Alcatraz? That's right, we visited an old prison. Have any of you been there? I'm guessing you have if you've been to San Francisco. Alcatraz is right up there with the Golden Gate Bridge, Trolley cars (which we also did) and sourdough bread. I've been to Alcatraz before, but not for a long time, maybe over 15 years. Can you say creepy? The audio tour was good, but made it even more unsettling I think.

I'm pretty sure the highlight of my day was walking past Macy's in Union Square, the place is covered in Martha Stewart. Aqua rugs, aqua signs, logos, window displays. I might have to go back to SF next week for some bridal registry ideas. Gotta preview before I drag Nick along. sigh


Junie Moon said...

I did indeed visit there recently and, in fact, I lived in San Francisco on the Presidio when it was still a U.S. Army posting. Our house was up on the hill there overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Christina J. said...

I've been there twice. I agree with you; creepy.

jessica said...

Ahh, yes, Alcatraz - so much fun! We used to love to go to San Fran for day trips.

Anonymous said...

I've never been there but I always thought it would be an interesting place to visit.

Kathy said...

I have almost the same Alcatraz photo from our trip last year.

I started a photo blog that I update every now and then:

I will post the Alcatraz photo.

karrie said...

You have to try the night tour of alcatraz... extra axtra creepy! And fun :)

I am in love with martha's faux bois collection!