September 07, 2007

All Sorts

I'm glad to be back, it's funny how a vacation makes you tired. No complaints from me though. This summer was the wettest in history for England and we didn't see a drop of rain the whole trip. It was lovely every day and we got a chance to see lots of people and places. And hey, I got engaged! What could be better? I've got my wedding magazines and my planning book all ready to go now that I'm back home. I don't feel very stressed about planning the wedding(s) as I used to do events for a living. My biggest concern at the moment is setting a date. Nick & I will marry in California (at our friends' place) and later go to the UK for a second reception, maybe here. I plan on making my own dress and probably a lot of other elements too. I hope I can manage everything. lol We'll see.

While I was away I realized I haven't done a crafty post in a while. So here's a little crafty business for you. I finally bought some fabric at the Cath Kidston shop on this trip. I usually go in there and find too much choice then end up buying nothing. Not true on this trip. Here's the fabric remnant I got. Not sure yet what it will be, but probably a bunch of different things. I won't tell you what I paid for this. Let's just say in pounds, it's a good deal. US dollars? Not so much. Never mind.

I also picked up some great printed felt while we were down in Cornwall. There was a really nice fabric shop there that had lots of little things. I read about this felt on someone's blog a while back, but I'd forgotten about it. I'm so glad I came across it, it's so cute. I also picked up some other little bits & bobs. Snoopy buttons, a book, some trim. I didn't buy any fabric there, I was so good. It's really easy to turn things down when you consider the exchange rate, believe me.

All in all, it was a great trip. I had a great time
and it was good to take some time off before the holiday season ramps up. I am hoping to get lots of things made in the near future, but we've got company coming tomorrow. I don't think I'll be getting much sewing done. It's a shame, because I have a new diaper bag in the works and tons of ideas. I want to get some new things made for my next Farmer's Market on Thursday. And one last thing. I just had to show you the coolest birthday present ever. Nick's mom and I went out shopping the other day and she insisted I pick a birthday gift for myself (it's coming up this month). This is what I chose. I think she might be thinking I'm a bit nuts now.

It's the sheep, not the sewing machine by the way. I'm a huge Wallace & Gromit fan and I love Shaun the sheep from "A Close Shave". In the UK he has his own TV show for kids. My Shaun bleats and shivers. I'm in love.


Jenn Maruska said...

I love Shaun! Oh, so cute!!!

Sounds like a fantastic trip... and look at that felt... yummy!

Can't believe you have company so soon after getting back - you're a busy gal! : )

Christina J. said...

That felt is adorable! Sounds like a really fun trip and I'm so happy for you getting engaged. :) Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding plans.

Nutsy Coco said...

Shaun is so cute! I love the new bags you have going. The fabric is great.

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

ohhhh congrats congrats on your engagement!

So lucky to get some Cath Kidson fabric. I've yet to splurge.

Lucykate Crafts... said...

congratulations on your engagement!, glad you missed the uk rain, yes it has been rather wet here, but at last we seem to be having a bit of summer : )

Christina.B said...

Just wanted to say congrats on the engagement!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the engagement and i love shaun too. Watch it every morning. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Shaun! And he makes noises too? Groovy.

Betty said...

Congratulations on your engagement. How exciting! I read your post about Alcatraz. I've been there a few times. It is kind of eerie. I love fisherman's Wharf too. Lots of fun characters running around.