August 03, 2009

Seattle Weekend

Nick and I had a great time this weekend. Saturday we just got things done, but yesterday we had some fun in the city.

First, we met Jenn and Josh at the Seattle Center for Urban Craft Uprising.

It was a nice show, not as big as I expected, but still a good time. We saw lots of familiar Etsy sellers. Here are a few of my favorite sellers that were at the show...

While we were at the Seattle Center, we thought we'd check out a few of the attractions there. We saw "The Fantastic World of Jim Henson" at Experience Music Project & took a stroll through the Science Fiction Museum.

Next door at the Pacific Science Center we saw an IMAX film and got to make an orca whale at the Mold-A-Rama machine! Remember those?

We had so much fun! What did you do this weekend?

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