May 20, 2009

Waiting for the Cable Guy

Today we're getting TV, but I'm not really excited about it. We don't watch a lot of TV and we HATE cable. Unfortunately, when your house is surrounded by really tall tress, satellite isn't an option. sigh So, today I'm waiting for the cable guy. Expecting someone always throws off my schedule, I have lots of hallway trim to paint today. Anyway, while I wait, I thought I'd pop in and share a few more pictures from the new house and surrounding areas....

We were happy to learn that there is a little farmer's market at the shopping center by our house. We picked up this gorgeous bouquet for Jenn last weekend. (She makes a mean brunch.)

This weekend we headed over to Bainbridge Island for a barbecue. We love it over there, it's so much like Nova Scotia, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

I found my local quilt shop last week too, that's a relief. It's in a really cute little country village full of shops & cafe's and it's only about 10 minutes away. Perfect.

Nick put up my curtains in the sewing room, they really soften up that ugly aluminum window.

Yesterday I got this cute little pot of silk flowers for my window. I added the fabric trim this morning, the pot was just too white. Pretty cute, no?

Now I must get to work. No more fun stuff for me.


Christina J. said...

Sounds like you are settling into Seattle quite nicely! The flowers you got for Jenn are beautiful. I wish our Farmer's Market was bigger. The fabric store looks like a cute little shop. And your curtains really do help out that window! Cute!

Now get back to work!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. That little quilt shop is just a couple minutes from my house!
If you want an local recommendations, drop me an email or comment on my blog.
Personally, My favorite places to eat are probably Pen Thai, the Ranch Drive-In, Sparta's Pizza. Alexa's Cafe is great for breakfast. And I've got a great hair stylist if you need someone.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

LizzieJane said...

I am so happy that you are settling in and that you have already found a wonderful quilt shop. You have gotten a lot accomplished in such a short time.
Have a lovely time on Bainbridge Island this weekend.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Very cute--love the curtains and your cheery little pot of flowers! Hope the cable guy didn't keep you waiting too long,
Smiles, Karen