May 23, 2009

Two Spoonfuls: The Egg Foam Method

We're back! I've pretty much unpacked what I can in my new kitchen so it's time to get back to cooking. This week I'm back with Alton, tackling the Egg Foam Method. I won't try to explain this one to you because I just don't understand it, too much scientific mumo-jumbo for me. It's all about bubbles, that much I know.

This section of I'm Just Her for More Food is full of recipes for things we wouldn't eat in my house, so I decided to go with the Spiced Angel Food Cake. (Nick doesn't really care for Angel Food Cake, but I knew he'd eat it if there was any cake around).

I should have taken more notice of the bad mojo when I first decided to go with this recipe. First of all, I couldn't find my angel food cake pan. Once I did, I discovered it was kind of gross and needed to be replaced. I got this new one for 50% off at Michael's. It's all clean & new. Check!

I read through my ingredients list to make sure I had what I needed. Check! Then I went to make the cake and found that I didn't have what I needed after to the store and get Cream of Tartar...and more eggs (you need 12!). Check!

Once I got started with the process, I then discovered that I'd donated the wrong whisk attachments for the hand mixer I to the store for new hand mixer. (Alton says to beat the egg whites with a hand mixer so you don't miss anything at the bottom of the bowl). Check!

Next, I whipped my eggs to a foam, added my cream of tartar and then whipped the heck out of those eggs till I got "medium" peaks. I added the sugar...the cake flour & spices...folded it in. Check!

Next I poured my batter into the pan to bake. Here's where it went really wrong. Batter goes in, batter comes out. I had the lovliest pool of goo on my counter at this point. Obviously I didn't whip the eggs enough, or I bought a bad pan, or I'm just not capable of baking an agel food cake from scratch (this is the likely answer).

Here's where the whole thing went into the sink and down the drain. What a comedy of errors this cake was. Why didn't I read the signs and just make something else?!?!

Thank goodness for the grocery store taste test cake that I had in the fridge. At least we didn't have to go without cake after this DISASTER!


Help for next time:
Baking 911 - Tips for baking an Angel Food Cake
The Prepared Pantry - How to Bake an Angel Food Cake from a Recipe
Recipe - Espresso Chocolate-Chip Angel Food Cake

maybe next time

I guarantee Jenn had better luck than I did, let's go see.


Jenn Maruska said...

Awwww! You poor thing!

Well, personally, I love blogs that are honest. I like to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

You tried and it didn't work - there are worse things in life. I applaud you for giving it a good try... especially after all the hurdles you had to get over just to get the darn thing in the oven!

I say you try again for the next TS post and show that cake who's boss!!

; )

Christina J. said...

Wow, you really hung in there and saw the whole thing through! I think I'd have thrown in the towel a lot sooner. I agree with Jenn; I like knowing how the process really went!

LeeAnn said...

Some things just aren't made to be made homemade! And while your luck tops the cake, so to speak, I have never had success with making angel food cake either from homemade. You're a good sport though! If I ever have to make this cake, I always get the box kind that only requires you to add water. Betty Crocker I think. It's the best one.