May 15, 2009

Still Here and Working On It

Hi, it's me again. I'm still digging through the mountain of boxes, but I had to stop in and say hello. I'll just share some quick piccies of what's going on here at the "Chocolate Box" (this house is soooooo brown).

I was very happy to find out that the tree outside my kitchen window is a Japanese Maple. Just what I wanted! Here's a view from the driveway.

It's not as grey and horrible in Seattle as people say it is. My house is generally very dark though - it faces East. This weird little built-in barbecue table in my kitchen enjoys the sunniest spot in the house. I think this area will be even sunnier when the table is removed along with the wood stove.

I painted most of the living room the other day. If you look above the window on the right you can see how much contrast there is from the new paint to the old. oops! The wall by the fireplace will be slightly bolder, I swear. I'm just happy to have all those books unpacked!

I did say I painted "most" of the living room. Ladders and I don't get along. That ceiling gets a little high. I need a tall, dark & handsome Englishman to help me complete the job. Hmm, Where can I get one of those?

I've got myself a little office space across the hall from my sewing room. One or both of my kitties is loving the bed in there when I'm at the computer. This will double as the guest room until I find time to paint and re-floor the bedroom downstairs.

My first sewing project in the new house - Sewing Room Curtains! They aren't hung yet, but at least they're made.

Back to work now, I'm making 3 Coupon Organizers for my shop. Don't worry, there's still lots of painting to do, I won't sew too much. :)


Kathy said...

You have been a busy girl!! You haven;t been there that long, but it already looks like home!

It's really nice!! I like your sewing room curtains, they are bright and cheery looking :-)

Staci K. said...

Your new house looks so nice! I love the view from the big window by the bbq table. I love that your first project was curtains for the sewing room. :) That would be my priority too!

happy zombie said...

I loved the tour. I gasped when I saw your kitchen photo, and the big sunny windowlicious space. Gasp. More gasping. WOW. I love that room!!!! What an amazing room and view. The Benihana table cracks me up.

Thanks for sharing!

Christina J. said...

Things look like they are really coming along! You are working hard! I could have used your hard work today in doing yard work. I was not very motivated. Good thing Mark was. :) When he left to get dirt, Noah and I decided we were hot and went inside for a while.

I really love your new curtains for the sewing room. So cute!!