November 17, 2008

Too Many Magazines

Normally, I'm not a magazine reader. (Scratch that, I'm never a magazine reader. I'd say I'm more of a magazine looker-atter.) I like to look through them and pour over the wonderful crafts & pictures, but I don't know that I've ever read an article. I don't even buy them that often. That being said, I find that lately I've acquired a few more magazines than usual so I have to share a few of them with you. (At least I'm getting some use out of them this way.)

The first is "Sew Hip", a new sewing magazine from the UK. It just arrive the other day and it's quite nice. There's an interview with our sewing hero, Amy Butler. Tons of great patterns and lots of nice photos too. I pre-ordered my issue from the Sew Hip website. If you go to this page, you can order a copy for yourself.

What's cool: There's a whole page dedicated to Etsy sellers! It's a nice magazine, but I simply can't afford the international pricetag. Perhaps they'll carry it at my local ginormous book stores. I will definitely pick one up when I'm in the UK again.

Magazine #2 "Holiday Crafts", an impulse buy at the checkstand. Perfect! This one is from Better Homes and Gardens and it's just crammed with adorable craft ideas for the holidays.

I find it hard to resist a cute snowman project. What else could I put a cozy on? hmmm I'm thinking Gadget Snowmen for next year.

If I received a gift with one of these guys on it, I'm not sure I'd even want to open it. What could be better? haha Anyway, I highly recommend this magazine if you're looking for some crafty ideas. It's really great.

Last on my list today is Martha Stewart's holiday isuue. It's all about making a handmade Christmas. I'm not known for being a big fan of Martha, but I do love her "stuff". Or the stuff in her books & magazines, that is. However, I'll admit I was disappointed in the projects in this magazine. It's just not my cup of tea and I wish I'd taken the time to look through it before I bought it. You might love it though. To each his own, right?

I'm not saying there's nothing in it for me, just not enough that I'll ever look through it again. I do like the idea of snowflake shaped marshmallows. My guess is that Martha expects me to make my own darned marshmallows and then cut them into cute shapes. In my spare time. Right. Don't count your snowflakes till they've fallen.

There are tons of great magazines on the racks this time of year, tell me which ones you've found.


LeeAnn said...

Recently I have been accruing Japanese crafting magazines. Now that will put a dent in your retirement fund! Thanks for sharing some of yours!

Christina J. said...

I love the look of the snowflake marshmallows, but I don't see myself making them any time soon. It's fun to see which magazines you like. :)

jodie said...

Oh that Holiday Crafts looks like great fun! I'm going to have to find it. Thanks for sharing.

Bee said...

Wow!!!! Marshmellow snowflakes that is so cool. That being said I dont think I would make them.

Kathy said...

I'm lucky enough to remember to even put marshmallows in hot chocolate, let alone make them.

Have you seen the new show "Whatever Martha"? It's pretty funny..