November 30, 2008

Holiday Shopping for Me

Did you all have a nice long holiday weekend? We definitely did. We had some friends over for Thanksgiving and on Friday we all headed down to San Jose for the Harvest Festival - that's a huge craft show for those of you who aren't in the know. haha

My big purchase this year was "Wooly". He's the cutest sheepskin covered footstool you've ever seen. He's a buffalo and comes complete with his own fuzzy goatie. Wooly has friends. If you'd like to see them, click here.

My friends Bob and Sue are vendors at the Harvest Festival, so that's the main reason we headed down to the show. I picked up a new snowman for my collection from Sue. He's so cute!

That's all the shopping I did this weekend. How about you?


Mrs.Kwitty said...

No shopping for me...only lots and lots of food!! Love your footstool...what fun!!--and your darling little snowman too!
Smiles, Karen

Christina J. said...

Cute! I did some online shopping for winter boots for me and N and I also bought another pair of shoes for me. Didn't set foot in a store this weekend!

Kristi said...


Just wanted to tell you. I was in our town's quilt shop this weekend and one of the employees there saw my purse (your pattern) and wanted to know where I got the pattern, so I hooked her up with your URL and store. Hope it gets you some sales! If you get someone from Grayslake's Quilt Play shop wanting wholesale orders of the pattern, that is the store! But maybe the lady just wanted it for herself.

Anonymous said...