November 19, 2008

On My Desk

I know, I haven't played "On My Desk" since September! Sorry about that, I know you're probably aching to see what's laying around in my sewing room. Thanks for the interest. haha

I've always got several things in the works. Most of the time my works in progress are directly related to my shops. I'm not sayin' what the alphabet stamp, paper pack and Rolodex are for, but they aren't for my shop! I hope to make a new handbag out of the cool red fabric. I just can't decide which design to use..maybe this one. That orangey colored leaf print will by my Fall cloth napkins soon.

I've got about 5 boxes of sewing patterns in my sewing room closet. I've been slowly trying to destash a bit so they've been making their way into my shop. This is the next round that will be available. Lots of wintery stuff like coats and Christmas crafts. If I haven't used them by now, I probably never will.

This is for a custom order for a market customer. It's a simple project, but large. I'll be tackling it very soon. So much to do, so little time!


Christina J. said...

I have missed seeing what's on your desk! I like these posts. N saw the train fabric and thought it looked pretty cool. He has a comforter on his bed that looks like it's made from similar fabric.

Betty BeadBug said...

I love the train son would have a fit for that.

Beth Lemon said...

oh my gosh -- are you pregnant?!?