July 18, 2008

Some Etsy Fun

I just had to share my latest Etsy purchases. The first, is a great little memo pad and matching magnets from new seller Robot Scrapyard. Aren't they pretty? Alan even enclosed a pin and a little note card because I was his first sale. Very nice. The magnets came attached to a piece of very thin wood! I love it when someone takes the time with presentation. Stop by & check out the shop, there are lots of pretty chiyogami creations.

And my second little present to myself was this cute felt donut. I'm a sucker for plush food, so it's amazing that this is my first acquisition. I got this donut to put in the window over my sewing machine. I'm always switching between needles and this will give me a safe spot to store them. Check out Girl Meets Craft for some yummy felt creations. I'm tempted by the pancakes, mmmm.

Hope you have a great weekend. Nick and I are headed down to San Jose for a concert tonight. We'll be staying the night and trying to hitch a train ride tomorrow. Should be fun!


LeeAnn said...

Cute things! I have been on a purchasing hiatus, but I got to be thinking about a handmade Xmas soon!

RetroRugrats said...

So cute and so much fun! You deserve it:)