July 05, 2008


When I had a regular job, I suffered a lot of pain from my work station. The trouble seemed to subside when I left work, but it's definitely back. Overuse is the cause, but I think the way I work has been a problem too.

The first step toward feeling better was my sewing table. Nick has built me a wonderful new table for my sewing machine!
The new table has rounded edges so I don't have to rest my arms on a sharp surface. This is a huge improvement over my old cabinet (it's made for the job, but is not well designed for comfort). I've also got more room to sit directly in front of the machine. The old cabinet would not allow me to sit far enough to the left, so I was always pressing my leg against a hard edge and twisting my back. This new desk is a wonderful treat and I love it. Thanks Nick!

Some other steps I've taken to avoid permanent damage to my nerves....

An ergonomic seam ripper. Much easier to hold than the old skinny kind.

A new ergonomic rotary cutter. I got mine at Beverly's with a 40% off coupon.

I picked up a new ergonomic keyboard and mouse. I have a lot of trouble at the computer, I'm hoping these will help.

This mouse helps me relax my hand a little. I tend to tense up too much and put a lot of strain on my hands.

I've also got a nice tall cutting table and a good chair to sit on. I've placed an order for some squishy sleeves for my crochet hooks, I've read lots of good things about them. It's important to set up your work area with proper ergonomics in mind. Take a look at OSHA's website for some tips on how to do it. And remember to take breaks. Repetitive activities are soo hard on the body. I know this from experience. Be careful and take good care of yourself, or marry a handy woodworking type and he'll build you a gorgeous new desk. ;)


Christina J. said...

Having married a handy woodworking type of guy myself, I'd say that's the route to take. :) The sewing table turned out really great! Nick did an awesome job. What's he going to make next for you? :)

Anonymous said...

Not only is the desk fabulous but I'm also very impressed with your oh so neat and tiddy studio. Don't good husbands come in handy sometimes?

Sew Bettie said...

You're lucky to have such a handy man around!

Unknown said...

Hi, I saw by Googling "Irresistible Gifts to Knit" that you had bought one at your local Borders. I've been looking to purchase one too, and am hoping my Borders will order it for me. May I ask you how much it was? Have you made anything from it? Are you a member of the Ravelry.com community? Thanks,

Nutsy Coco said...

Those all look like great improvements and those crochet sleeves are cool. I'm going to have to check for them next time I'm at Joann.

Stacie said...

Your Nick is a lot like my DH who loves to solve people's problems, even making them furniture if that helps. Handymen are the best. Your study/workspace puts mine to total shame--I am at this very moment putting off tackling the clean-up job by blogging. ;^)