June 06, 2008

Off to the City

Today is our friend Amanda's birthday, so I'm headed for the city with Nick at lunch time. I get to run around SF all afternoon with Amanda while Nick works, hehe. I need to go here for thank you card bits (and a super secret shop idea I'm working on), and maybe we'll swing by the cool vintage fabric shop Amanda heard about on Apartment Therapy. I hope she wants to go check out the Japanese bookstore too. Last time I got this. I'm aching for some new inspiration. I'm excited to have a day out. Can you tell?

I managed to get something made yesterday. I'm going to be writing up a pattern for my shopper tote, so I made this one to illustrate the steps. I actually made a mistake sewing the pocket in so I guess I'm going to have to keep it for myself. Oh well.

Look where the handles meet the pocket...whoops!

I used French Seams on this tote, and added the pocket. My old ones have serged seams and no pocket. I think that will make for a better pattern, and a better bag. Oh, and if you're curious about French Seams, check out this post by Tess over at the Sew Mama Sew Blog. It's a great guide for different seam finishing techniques. Cool! So have a great Friday and I'll catch you later.


Christina J. said...

Have fun in San Francisco!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sounds like you have a great day planned--have fun!! I am totally jealous of all the wonderful shops you will go to!
Smiles, Karen

RetroRugrats said...

Oh I love the little pocket inside the bag with the cute decorative stitch on top!!!

I miss those views of the city when I lived in San Rafael. Haven't been there in too many years. Have a bite to eat at the Stinking Rose or Calzones!

Bee said...

Oh its been so long since I have been in SanFran! Hope you have lots of fun yesterday.

I see you are a fellow Icrafter! How is it going for you?

Mia Of Mia's Graphic Designs said...

That is a gorgeous pic of San Fran.!! Have lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...