June 02, 2008

Lots of New Things

1. QUILTED TOTE - Flea Market, 2. GEMMA Coine Purse - Red Sock Monkey Portraits, 3. SHOPPER TOTE - Retro House, 4. SHOPPER TOTE - Natural Daisies, 5. LITTLE BOX ZIP - Chocolate Strawberry, 6. ZIPPER POUCH - Flea Market Lime, 7. PATCHWORK ZIPPER POUCH - Orange & Green, 8. QUILTED ZIPPER POUCH - Amy Butler French Wallpaper, 9. SARAH Handbag - Denim & Daisies

I had a very good day at the market on Thursday, which led to 3 days of sewing here in the sweat shop. I tried something new...I just made things. I tend to not only be a very slow sewer, but I think I spend way too much time in the planning stage. This past week I just went for it. I pulled out some fabric and made whatever popped into my head. I'm proud of myself for being able to make so much, and this isn't even all of it!

Guess who made their farmer's market debut?

I did well again yesterday, so it's back to the old drawing board later this week. My next market isn't until the 12th so I can rest a bit. I've got a big custom order I'm working on today for some Hawaiian shirts, a nice change of pace.

And later this week, maybe even tomorrow, I will be listing my first sewing pattern in the shop for this bag...

I've gotten some feedback from my pattern testers, so once I've made some tweaks, the pattern (and the bag) will hit my shop. This is something I've been planning for a long time so I'm really happy to have this little project almost completed. Now, I really need to get into the sewing room.


Jenn Maruska said...

Gosh, you've been busy! Look at all those pretty things! Nice work : )

I bet your sewing room is full of color with all those lovely fabrics.

Bee said...

Wow...you have been *sew* crazy creating awesome things!!!

Is you pattern going to be pdf or is it going to be available to distribute to quilting stores?

Way to go on all the creativity:)

Katie Jean said...

wow look at you go!!

I can't wait to see about your pattern. You'll have to tell me how it goes. I'm still working on one. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever finish it!

Jody Sanders said...

Oh wow, such beauty! I love #1 and #3 ... and everything else as well.

Suzanne said...

Love your work and would like to talk to you about ordering for my retail store. Please email me.

Cheryl said...

LOVE the bag! Can't wait to order the pattern.