June 19, 2008

Lonely little monkeys

My poor little monkey friends have been feeling left out lately so I decided to give you a peek at what they've been up to. This morning I introduced Monkey Travel Club Greetings into my Etsy shop. This is the first of many travel note cards that will be available...

I've got several London cards and some California ones too. We'll see how well they do before I get crazy making more. haha

And last week I added the new monkey pendant/charm to the shop.

This is what it looks like when worn as a necklace. I think they're pretty cute, but I'm kind of partial I guess. Anyway, stop in & see these new guys if you like. There's a new striped coffee cozy too if you're feeling patriotic, you might like Sam.


RetroRugrats said...

What a clever idea!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Both adorable----I'm a bit partial to that absolutely cuteypie necklace though! You are amazing--all those brilliant ideas! Whew!
Smiles, Karen