January 13, 2008

Seeing Red

First I want to thank you all for your nice comments about my prom picture. If only I were really adorable! ha
I've been spending a lot more time on monkeys lately than I have sewing, but today I finally got a chance to make something without a face. It was very exciting to be back at the sewing machine. I want to put a few Valentine's Day things in the shops, but I'm trying to avoid very themed items. I made this floral messenger a few weeks ago that I think is nice, it doesn't have any hearts, but the red is perfect. I got to use a little of that sage gingham I bought in the city a while back. And the button you see there on the flap came in a great pack of buttons I bought from a fellow Etsy seller. I love how the gingham looks with this red floral. It's very feminine. I added this bag to my Etsy shop this evening and tomorrow I'll put it on my website.
Today I made this pretty little red zipper pouch. Remember the other day when I said I had a bunch of them lined up on the sewing table? Well, better late than never. I was able to use 7 different red prints from my stash for this bag and once I got it pieced together it was just screaming for some decorative stitching. I guess it just reminded me of those great old crazy quilts with all of the fun stitching. I did sneak some hearts into this bag in the end. One of the fabrics has some little hearts on it and I used a heart stitch too. I'm just thinking about adding an applique heart & I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Now that I've accomplished something I guess I'll get back to the monkeys. Thanks so much for all of the support you've given my new shop this past week. It's been great! Now I just need to get you monkey lovers to join the Flickr group and add some fun photos.
Have a great week!


RetroRugrats said...

I just wanted to tell you that your sewing is fabulous! I found your work on Etsy and hearted your cute and colorful shop. The color combinations and decorative stitching make for a great new purse, love it!

I enjoyed reading over your blog. It is so well put together and your pictures are very well done.

Your prom pic reminds me of my high school days, too. I graduated in 88'. I have lots of family in Marin. My cousins all went to school there in the eighties, too. A neat place to live.



Christina J. said...

Those turned out great and the red is a wonderful shade.

Felicia said...

Love all your pretty new bags and your groovy gadget monkeys :)

Junie Moon said...

I love that red fabric with the gingham--adorable! Your little quilted bag is so cute and I like the detail of the decorative stitching. You talked about the hearts theme in reference to the approach of Valentine's Day and I'm glad these two projects weren't large on hearts. A bit of subtlety is sometimes much nicer and more useful later.

Lauren said...

Those reds are totally cheering me up! VERY cute.