January 27, 2008

The Cotton Patch

Last week I felt the urge to get out of the house so I got out my list of fabric shops and hit the road. I had 4 shops to visit that day, but only made it to 3. The Cotton Patch in Lafayette was my first stop.
This shop was a treat. It's brightly lit, always nice when looking at fabric, and stocked with lots of great fabrics. They have a ton of the modern stuff like Joel Dewberry etc. I spent some time browsing all of the bolts and was glad to find the back room with some great flannels and sale fabrics. In the end, I had to make a choice, and here's what I got.

Can you guess what I have planned for these bananas? In the end, I was pleased with The Cotton Patch and happy that it's not too far from home, not too close either. I think it's a half hour away at best, but situated near a nice little downtown. (On the way to this shop I passed a luxury yarn store and I didn't even stop! Wow, what will power I have sometimes.) ;)



Darn, I was hoping you meant Lafayette, Louisiana, not California. :( I go through Lafayette on my way back home. Thought I might have a new store to visit so I can stretch my legs. Oh well!

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

heh heh, those banana fabrics are great! Perfect for your monkeys :)

Bee said...

Been there and enjoyed it too. Did you remember to get your card stamped?

Lauren said...

What a pretty shop!

Do monkeys like bananas? : )

Felicia said...

That looks like a fun filled shop :)