January 21, 2008

I'd Rather Be Sewing

Bet you thought I disappeared, eh? Nope, just on a little road trip. I started feeling really guilty today about neglecting my blog so I thought I'd let you join me on my trip. Nick has officially flown back to the UK for a business trip and I am in Orange County for a couple days. I'm just plugging away at the wedding plans while I can. Today I went shopping with one of my bridesmaids and we were able to get her dress and shoes! That's a great thing. Tomorrow we should have the other 2 settled along with my niece who will be a junior bridesmaid. I found some really great embroidered organza today in a very pale shade of blush that I may just get for my own dress. I still don't have a pattern, but I don't want to pass up the fabric. It's just so hard to commit!
After dress shopping tomorrow I'll be driving up to my friends' house to do some more wedding stuff. Hopefully I will secure a photographer and a group rate at the Best Western. I must get home to sew some new things for my market on Saturday. I'll be at a new location and I'm still really low on stock after the holidays. I've been working on monkeys so much lately that I've neglected my poor sewing machine.
These little guys seem to be the hot ticket now. I've had the monkey coffee cozies on my "monkey list" for a while but didn't make them until I opened the new shop. Even Nick likes these guys and he doesn't even "get" monkeys. haha. I'd love to get some more made while I'm away.
I guess that's it for me now. I should really get to bed. Long drive tomorrow. Some time in the next few days I'll tell you about my quilt fabric odyssey from last week and what I found.
Have a great week all!


Christina J. said...

I really like the monkey cozies and I think before long one will be mine. :)

Felicia said...

Love that cute cozie :)

Bee said...

Your coffee cozy is so adorable! Love it:)