January 05, 2008

Rubbish Weather

This is for all of the people who think it's sunny every day in California. Oh yeah, and evey city is on the beach! lol Just kiddin' The weather here lately has been really bad. Yesterday I felt like Dorothy, I thought the house would blow away. Just miserable. It's not much better today, but we're staying dry and keeping warm.
Generally, I prefer living in a place with some rain and cold, but it's making my life very hard at the moment. I can't take any decent pictures of the things I'm making. Unfortunatley, I don't have room to build myself a little light box, so I have to make do with sunshine. What do you do when there isn't any? Anyone have any great photo tips? I think I'll get some little table lamps with daylight bulbs to use as filler, that might help. Let's hear some picture taking tips. (Jenn, I know how you do it and if I had a basement, I'd do the same thing.)


Jenn Maruska said...

We're feeling the dreary weather here, too. The windows were rattling last night with the heavy winds.

Sounds like good weather for a cat, a coffee and a good book : )

Lauren said...

I've had good luck in cloudy weather taking pics by our big sliding glass doors, even in gloomy winter weather.

Give it a shot! : )

Beth Lemon said...

I have a couple of clamp lights from Lowe's that I've used for years.

I think they run about 6$ now.

I have these daylight bulbs that work great for most colors although it really freaks out on the periwinkle family. Make sure you buy the opaque glass -- not the transparent -- because the transparent ones through this extra little ray of light right into the middle of what you're shooting.

Kylie said...

We're in the middle of summer here, but the weather has been dreadful the last few days. Wind, rain and then just plain old overcast.

I'm lucky in that I can still go outside undercover to take pics in bad weather...and like sweetbeans, I find the pics actually turn out better than on bright, sunny days. The colours are probably more accurate also :)

Louise said...

You can think of us NOT enjoying 40deg on Thursday and 41deg on Friday - this Summer is just TOO flipping hot. I would love to see that rain out my window!

Felicia said...

What a bummer when rain crimps your style. Building a lightbox is on the very long list of to do projects.

Junie Moon said...

We've had the edge of your weather here in Tucson the past couple of days and I've resorted to the flash on my camera to photograph my projects. I hope the sun returns for you (and me) soon.

African Kelli said...

As an Arizonan, I know better than to think of California like a Beach Boys' video!
Best of luck with your photography. I find a simple background (white paper, or parchment paper) and a strong overhead light work well!