October 27, 2007

Halloween Weekend

Nick & I are off to Oakhurst today for our friends' annual Halloween party. I think I've got our costumes sorted out enough, I hope so anyway. I'll be Ginny and Nick will be Harry Potter. Our neckties are being FedEx'd to the house this afternoon (fingers crossed). If I don't look too hideous in the wig, I'll post a picture next week, lol.
I've been so busy lately that I'm really looking forward to a few days off. We always have such a nice time at Jim & Julie's, it's the only time I fully relax. Of course, I'll work on monkeys while I'm away, I always do. Oh! And while I'm on the subject of monkeys, I'm reminded of an indieview I just did for The Indie Path. The girls over there were nice enough to feature me, and my monkeys, on their blog yesterday. Thanks ladies.
I also wanted to show you another corner of my sewing room. That's my handmade shelf I purchased at the Harvest Festival a couple years ago. I have an old dresser I keep under it with my shipping supplies and some fabric bits. My laptop sits on the dresser so I can check emails & post in the forums throughout the day. So far, that's working out really well. Don't you love that hangin' monkey? He holds tea lights in his tummy.
Right, so I need to pack and get on the road. Just couldn't leave without saying goodbye. Stop in at my Flickr account if you want to see something I made yesterday. Have a great weekend. And say hi to Jenn while you're there, she's Flickring now too.


Christina J. said...

Have a fun weekend!

Louise said...

Love your little shelf - I would like one in my kitchen. Checked out the flickr and the purse is just lovely. I have cut all the squares to do a bag for me ages ago and this has given me great inspiration to get it finished! Hope you enjoy your party!

Jenn Maruska said...

What a great interview! It's so much fun to learn more about my favorite fellow Etsyians!

Nice job! : )

Junie Moon said...

Your costumes sound great and I hope you had a blast at the party. I love your shelf and I always enjoy seeing what wonderful projects you've made.

Felicia said...

Congrats on the feature!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Congrats on the feature article--it is really nice! I left a little brag comment there about my little Evie!

The shelf is so pretty--and the monkey is adorable!

Smiles, Karen