July 26, 2007

Harry Potter Knits

Now that I'm mostly caught up with monkey orders, I thought I'd take a minute to tell you about this cool book I got last weekend while at my knitting class. "Charmed Knits", by Alison Hansel. It's full of Harry Potter inspired (it's not affiliated with J.K. Rowling or anything) knitting projects. This book is great! Nick & I had already decided to be Harry & Ginny for Halloween this year, so a pattern for a house sweater is just what I needed.

I've already started making our Gryffindor scarves. The yarn I'm using is really cheap stuff from Michael's, and it shows, but hey! I'm only wearing it one night. There are patterns in here for all kinds of house knits, some great hats, a robe and even Errol. I'm going to attempt a pair of socks next, just for practice. I think I can handle it, even though the pattern is for Ordinary Wizarding Level and I'm only a First Year. There's even a pattern to make a mini Weasley sweater for your Christmas tree. Not as cute as the ones Fluffy Flowers makes, but still worth checking out. So, if you're a knitter who loves Harry Potter, go check out this book of patterns. It's a good one.
And while I'm on the subject of Halloween (in July) I'll show you some cool prints I picked up yesterday on a scouting trip to Berkeley. There's a fabric store there that I had to go check out.
I got the Denyse Schmidt print on the bottom and the orange diamond print for 50% off! The others are from JoAnn Fabrics but just as cool and all on sale. Love that. I'm planning to make some inexpensive Trick or Treat Totes for Halloween this year. I was going for a Pottery Barn Kids Halloween look. I might applique "Trick or Treat" on the orange fabrics. What do you think? I think they'll be fun to make, and who can argue with a cute, washable and reusable bag? For now, I'll stick with monkeys though, it's too early to add Halloween to the shops.
Have a great day.


Jenn Maruska said...

Maybe too soon for adding to the shop - but never too soon to start making some inventory - great idea for the Halloween totes!

; )

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Very nice! I made Halloween totes for my kids when they were 3 and 4--and they still have them! Can't wait to see what you come up with. YOur new bags are so great, I love the design.
Smiles, Karen

Angie said...

I saw that Harry Potter knitting book the in stores! I considered picking it up to make stuff for my Harry Potter - crazed little brother lol.

♥ Angie

Betty said...

I've been thinking of making up some Halloween totes too! I love that book though I can't knit!

Katie Jean said...

great fabrics! I'm jealous that you got the DS fabric for 50% off!

Nutsy Coco said...

Great ideas! I think it would be nice to add 'Trick or Treat' to the orange bags.

Anonymous said...

I finally got that book for my birthday just a few days ago. Its fabulous! I haven't decided yet what to make first.