July 03, 2007


Usually when I send out an order from one of my sites, I attach a pin-back button to my business card. If it's a monkey, I send a monkey. For everything else, I have some with images of fabrics. I'm running low on the monkey buttons so I just placed a new order for some of these from Kitty Crossbones on Etsy.

I kind of like packaging up my things to send out to buyers, though sometimes I think I spend a little too much time. It's nice to receive a little package all wrapped in tissue & ribbon, especially when there's a surprise inside. I've had two sellers send me little pin-back buttons, and I love it. Anyone else send little surprises with their packages? I'm always up for new ideas. Or tell me about some good ones you've received.


Jenn Maruska said...

I send out candy to my US buyers and a button or pin to my international buyers.

The best goody I've gotten (besides my own monkey pin, thank you!) is a button or a couple buttons. Buttons I can always use, and I've received some really cute ones (most recently from Mrs. Kwitty.)

Those little extras are the BEST!

And I, too, spend more time than I should wrapping up my packages - but it's fun!

Anonymous said...

That's very cool of you. I love to put a lot of effort into my packaging , lots of tissue and drawings on the box for fun.

I always want to give a little something but never thought of what the badge is a great idea.


LeeAnn said...

I attach an old shiney clip on earing to my packages. I can pick them up for cheap at thrift stores when they have a bag of onesies.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Packing up things for mailing is one of my favorite things to do--I will usually do it right away when I wake up in the morning--that way I can sit and have my coffee and spend a little time making it cute! I make a little box for each thing, line it with tissue paper, add a little handwritten thank you, and most often I add a matchbook notepad or some other little gift (if it's a fellow craftsperson or sew-er I like to add some buttons or lace or something like that)-- and tie it up with real ribbon, and hand make some matching tag. It's fun and my customers seem to really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I really have no experience with selling/packaging products- but as a buyer/consumer it is always always a thrill to recieve a little extra somethin of somethin. I know as a lover and buyer of handmade items - anything additional, unique and individual is always appreciated and utilized in some fashion. In addit: packaging will always make me a repeat customer because it will always be a surprise!!