January 16, 2010

Wonderful Yarn

You may have noticed that I've become a bit of a knitter lately. Because of this, I will now share with you some delicious treasures I recently acquired from the UK.

I don't know how I found Lilou Colours, but I'm glad I did. She offers several types of hand-dyed yarns.

This was my first purchase, it's called Burst of Sunshine, and it's an "ultimate sock yarn. It's a really soft wool/silk/bamboo combination. I loved it so much  when I got it that I quickly whipped up a little swatch.

Isn't it gorgeous? I might make myself some fingerless gloves, or maybe some socks as a Christmas gift. (I'd rather keep it for myself though, hehe.)

Then I ordered more!


Guimauve, Key Lime Pie and Irish Landscape. (3 points for great names!)

You must check out Lilou Colours, she's new to Etsy and deserves some love.

Since we're on the subject of yarn, here's the update on my crazy clown socks.

I'm so close!!


Trisha said...

Beautiful sock yarn! It is so hard to stop buying sock yarn once you start. I think it is because most socks can be made from around 400 yards or so, so you always know how much to buy. Not like a sweater that needs more planning. Your crazy clown socks look wonderful! I love the bright, fun stripes.

Dinky Daisy said...

Your sock knitting looks fab :-) ,I love things with great names, I once painted my dinning room marshmallow and ice cream !! off to have a good nosey at those yarns .


Amy Herbst said...

Are you knitting the socks at the same time? Love it! Must give that a try...