January 08, 2010

After Christmas Post

I just realized I've been neglecting my blog again. Oops, sorry about that. I had hoped to have a nice, easy January and get lots of things done around the house, but so far it's not working out that way. No complaints though.

I just thought I'd share a few really great things that showed up here at Christmas time.

Nick got me these adorable pewter measuring spoons from beehive kitchenware. Let me tell you, these have been in my favorites for-ever! I love them. I hope to hang them above the new cooktop if I ever get the cabinets hung on that wall.

I got myself this cute little snowman pincushion from Pennys by Kristie. I just popped it on the tree when it arrived and that's where it stayed. (I hate to say it, this is the only "decoration" that ever made it on to our tree this year. Like I said, I've been busy.)

I saw this book (it started as a blog) at Borders a while back and I was absolutely rolling on the floor crying it's so funny. Thankfully, Nick remembered it and I found it under the tree. You have to check out this book, seriously, you'll be crying by about page 3.

This lovely cake comes from the "Baby Bottoms Up" chapter. Poor green baby.

I believe this one was made in support of fire fighters during the California wildfires. Nice, yet scary.

Get ready for Valentine's Day! The misspelling in Cake Wrecks is worth the price of admission. 

Anyway, check out the Cake Wrecks blog to see how funny this girl is. The writing is half the fun.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, I must run upstairs and chain myself to the sewing machine for another day. Cheers!


Christina J. said...

Those measuring spoons have been in my favorites forever, too - I'm so jealous!

LizzieJane said...

Your new measuring spoons are lovely, lucky you. That book looks like so much fun. I will have to go and check it out. I like having a great laugh!

Nutsy Coco said...

Cake Wrecks is hilarious. I think my husband thought I was nuts when I was reading it because I was laughing so hard :)

Jackie S. said...

Hi there, I found a picture of your work on flickr and I'm wondering if you could tell me where you found the cute monkey fabric that you made a messanger purse out of? You can email me at: