November 02, 2009

There's a Tent in My Kitchen

We're finally getting started on the long and slow process of remodeling "the vanilla kitchen", YAY! Unfortunately, mold is the reason we're moving forward with phase 1. Yep, too bad the home inspector missed that one. Anyway, I'm glad to get it all started.

 I get to have this tent for a couple days while things dry out. Then we'll be removing soffits and patching up the walls.

The first thing we'll tackle (once the mold is dealt with) is this wall. Major changes are coming my way, and a new double oven!!

To help maintain my sanity through the kitchen drama (and Christmas with two Etsy shops), I'm knitting a scarf from this pattern. Maybe I'll even finish it, haha.

It's a super easy pattern and I love the look of the stitches. I'm using pretty inexpensive yarn that I picked up at JoAnn for this scarf. I'm not ready for the good stuff yet, but next week I start a sock knitting class. That's going to be so fun and I can walk to the wool shop where I'm taking the class. I'll keep you posted on my sock progress.

To celebrate my knitting, I took a quiz to see which ewe I am. Here's my result!

A Perendale!! I knew it. If you want to know which ewe you are, here's the quiz. It's only a few questions.


Christina J. said...

Good luck with Phase 1 of the kitchen remodel! I like the scarf you're working on!

mtnchild said...

I love the colors in your scarf. Take deep breaths when the kitchen gets to be too much.

Are you learning cuff down socks or toe up socks? I'm trying to put together a toe up pattern for myself, from pieces-parts of different sock patterns.

Have lots of fun in your class.

Esther said...

I love the colours of the scarf - BTW did you get round to going to the craft fair to smell the soaps? I am still waiting for them to arrive :o) x

LizzieJane said...

It was lovely meeting you and your husband today Ginny. I am so glad I made it back in time before you left. Good luck with your sock knitting class.