October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Spice for Halloween

 Ever since I took that cake decorating course this summer I've been thinking about making mummies for Halloween. I finally got my chance yesterday!

I started with this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Muffins from AllRecipes.com (I get a lot of recipes from that site!).

They baked up nicely.
Next I made the cinnamon cream cheese frosting and mixed up some colors.
(yes, my oven is that small)

The first step was the face. I didn't think my mummies would look as good if you saw a delicious pumpkin color under their bandages. I tried to make black, but it came out more like an army green.

Next I piped on the bandages.

This step took some time, but it was fun.

I made a spooky day-glo green color for the eyes.

Here are my finished mummies! The lighting in my kitchen is pretty bad, sorry. I think you get the idea anyway. Pretty cute little guys, no?

This morning Nick took the mummies to work. Bye bye yummy mummies!!

Are you making any special treats for Halloween?


LeeAnn said...

Love them, but not scary enough to keep me away!

Christina J. said...

Those are too cute! I bet they were delicious.

Katie Jean said...

those are so cute! If I had time, I would totally make them. love them!

Amy said...

Those are so adorable...I mean scary!! Nice work!

Junie Moon said...

Your mummies are awesome and I'm storing away the idea for trying out next year (thank you for the link). Your pictures look fine and gave me the visual story I needed to go along with your written process. As for me, I made the Over the Moon cake from Country Living magazine (blogged about it today).

Happy Halloween!

kayla said...

Those are so cool! No treats this Halloween, but I'm itching to get in the kitchen for some holiday baking!

life without novacaine said...

These are the best cupcakes I've ever seen! You blow Martha out of the water!! Happy Halloween! : )

Nutsy Coco said...

Those are adorable!!

Noëmie from France said...

Whouah!! Nice work!