November 09, 2009

The Coupon Organizer Pattern Saga

I don't like to just go on & on about things I put in my shops, but I'm just too excited about this one not to mention it.

Yes, I finally got the sewing pattern written for my coupon organizers, HOORAY!! I do spend a lot of time writing and designing my patterns, but geez, this one was months in the making. 

I swear all I make these days is coupon organizers, but they're pretty fun. I think my favorite part of sewing is putting fabric combinations together, these coupon organizers are great for that.

See what I mean? Look at those crazy colors. What's your favorite thing about crafting?

Of course, I'm still knee deep in monkeys and owls. I've got some new Christmas monkeys in the shop this year.

How do you like the Grinch? haha, it's fun to do a grouchy face now & again.

I think I've sufficiently advertised myself in this post to last at least until the end of the year. :) Thanks for listening. I start sock knitting class tonight, wish me luck!!


Nutsy Coco said...

I love the grinch! He's super cute although the grinch probably wouldn't agree to me calling him super cute.

I think my favorite part of crafting is picking out the materials although I also really love finishing off a project that's turned out well.

Jenny said...

I adore your coupon pattern and just purchased it from Etsy. I can't WAIT to sew it :) Have been looking for a cute pattern all over the place and so glad I found your's. I'll blog about it asap :)


Delena said...

Heading over right away to check out said coupon organizer. I'm a coupon FREAK and mine's looking a little worse for the wear. :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL!! Love the grinch...he'd be perfect for all those "bah humbuggers"! I think your coupon organizers are really wonderful and your fabric choices are so fresh and fun. I think that's my fav part of sewing too, it's nice to rummage through the stash and find fun combos. BTW, I"m proud of you for the coupon organizer, that's quite an accomplishment!
Smiles, Karen

Ariane said...

I saw your coupon organizer (already sewn) and thought they were very cool! I will have to check out you pattern now.

Amazon Coupons said...

yeah,I adore your coupon pattern and just purchased it from Etsy.