April 02, 2008

Seattle's Best

Here's my morning cup of coffee in action. Notice I have the same mug as the famous Gromit of Wallace & Gromit fame.

I meant to tell you about my favorite coffee in this post, but I got so wrapped up in my new cuddly toy that I kind of lost track. haha We stopped in to get a coffee at Seattle's Best this weekend and I have now confirmed it as my favorite brand of coffee. Nick and I tend to put a lot of cream in our coffee, we don't like it strong. What's great about Seattle's Best is that I can put a little cream in and still drink it. I love it. It has a very smooth flavor. They also have a blend that's named after a ginger cat. How could I resist that? His name is Henry and we had to adopt the plushie version. He just reminded me so much of my Jody (minus one tail). He even has the same little white feet & pink toes! So cute.

This past weekend Nick & I traveled to Ahwahnee to visit out friends Jim & Julie who are hosting our wedding at their home. We met some other friends there to talk about the sound & lighting for the event. I'm so glad to have worked in entertainment at Disneyland so long. I can't tell you what it's done for my wedding. Most of my best friends are techs at Disney, so the lighting and sound will not only be exactly what we want, but excellent (and nearly free). The place is shaping up for Spring too. The grass is coming in, flowers are popping up. Jim & Julie have really done a lot of work on their property to prepare for the event (Julie's really happy to be getting so many things done too). Nick and I are soooo lucky to have such nice friends.

Ahwahnee is about 20 minutes from the south entrance of Yosemite National Park.

Now I must return to the sweat shop. I'm way into the production of my dress and still have a long way to go. Yesterday I finally got to sew some pieces together. I nearly have a bodice now. Maple was so helpful!

She's really just interested in my toast. Naughty girl.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Ooooh, the excitement mounts........

DECA Candle and Bath said...

Love the coffee cup.

I love anything coffee related actually! :)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I love your cats :)