April 09, 2008

Flash Back

This morning I was looking around on Etsy and came across this listing. OMG! It took me right back to my childhood. It's so funny how a thing or song can do that to you, isn't it? There's a great scene in the movie Ratatouille that I think really illustrates that feeling. Take a look at this clip (Keep in mind this is the only video I could find, it's bad and recorded in the theatre!) and you'll see what I mean (about 1:10 into it, but the first part sets it up if you haven't seen the film).

I apologize again for the bad quality of this clip, eugh.


Christina J. said...

So true. If I ever hear "Eye of the Tiger" I immediately think of roller skating and how I'd always wear a white shirt so it would look purple-ish under the black lights. And they would flash the lights on and off in one part of the song.

Junie Moon said...

Thank you for sharing this little clip. I sometimes have this feelings of recognition about foods, smells, or other reminders of my parents and my grandparents which are so poignant. Like the food critic in the video, you are suddenly transported to another time and your world changes in some way, large or small.

Felicia said...

My goodness. I think I had those same skates :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny....Wedding preparations are looking great, you must be really excited :)

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Alex & Phil

Lauren said...

SO many memories of roller skating...couples skate, anyone?