March 06, 2008

Budding Artist

(Click the picture to see a larger version)

I've got a very good customer in PA who's bought about a gazillion monkeys. I'm not exactly sure what she's doing with them all, but she could easily open her own shop by now...I hope she doesn't.

Anyway, Wendy sent me this picture of a poster her 5 year old son made recently. They were taking a look at all the monkeys on my Flickr account and he thought it would be fun to print them. He then spent almost 3 hours arranging the monkeys in a cool rainbow pattern with colored paper. I think he had some help from a younger sibling, but he did most of this himself! Wow! I'm impressed. Perhaps I've got a future assistant out there in Pennsylvania. Keep up the good work!

To honor Wendy, and her son, I've added a new monkey to the shop today. His name is Skippy and he's a cute little purse. I've made purses before, but Skippy's an all new size. Very handy for a quick trip to the market. He's already making himself comfortable at the Monkey Travel Club shop. Stop by and say hi to Skippy, but be quick...Wendy's a fanatic and I think she stalks the shop for new stuff. lol Just teasing. And remember, if you have one of my monkeys, remember to send me some photos. I'd love to add them to the Flickr Group.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

How cute of that little guy to make a giant monkey collage! I love it--a budding artist :o)

I went and gave up cappuccinos (I have no idea how to spell that! lol) for Lent this year and so my little cup hugger monkey Hannah is just sitting on my shelf above my computer looking very sad :o( Only a little time left and she will be back to work! :o) I promise to take a pic then and post it on your club Flickr page!
Smiles, Karen

African Kelli said...

how sweet is that? I love it. What dedicated fans you have.

JLC Studio said...

Aww, that's so cute!! The monkey is adorable too ;)

Bee said...

Wow...what a great compliment for that young man to make such a beautiful collage.

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Junie Moon said...

I think it's so adorable that he made this artwork. You'll have to name a monkey after this little guy.

Cynde said...

very cute!

OMB said...

That's sweet. He's surely a dedicated fan. And I'll bet that he will fall in love with skippy!!!!

Mandi said...

Ok that is so cute!! Hehe, that's funny that she snatches them up so fast - I would too had I the money! They are adorable and I've wanted one of your monkeys or a long time now ;-)