March 11, 2008

Gettin' Busy

What do ya mean it's Tuesday? Time flies, eh? Nick & I went away this weekend to do some more wedding "stuff". We met with the florist, found someone to marry us (that's a biggie) and I got my hair done (let's just say that's a decision that hasn't been made yet). Things seem to be coming together. If I could only find the time to work on all of these wedding crafts I need to do.

I got a chance last week to test an idea I have for the table numbers. I want to get some more appropriate buttons, but I like the concept. I haven't stuck anything down, these were just a test. I'd love to find some darker buttons for this project, maybe these. I'll get back to that later.

My larger issue, until today, was my shoes. I told you a while ago how I'd ordered some shoes online. Well, they were too small and too high, but really cute. The second pair I ordered were just, well, no good. I've been really struggling with this shoe thing. I'm not a "shoe person". I'm not into them at all. So I did a little searching on the good old internet and came across a place nearby where I could actually look at them in person. Wow! So old-fashioned. Anyway, I went down there and got these. I know, they're kinda boring, but at this point I'm happy to have something. I paid way too much for them, but it's another task off the list. Tonight we go check out some velvet for Nick's snazzy jacket. Bet you can't wait to see that.

I'll leave you with a quick shot of Maple being as helpful as ever. She loves to sleep on top of the dresser. When I opened the drawer to put my socks away, she didn't hesitate to jump in. Feel free to disregard the Snoopy socks & Mickey Mouse towels (I think I've just blown my cover, I'm a total dork!).


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

button table numbers! Thats super cute!

Felicia said...

The button numbers are beyond cute! And I've got a kitty who'll jump in any drawer you open any time day or night :)

Christina J. said...

The button numbers are a really cute idea. I think the shoes you found are very nice. :) It's hard for me to imagine not being a shoe person.

woolies said...

There's a kitty in the drawer!!!
CUTE kitty!!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love the button numbers Ginny--you are so clevah!

I don't think those shoes are boring at all! I would kill to wear some like that (stupid arthritis!) AND....ooooh, a VELVET jacket for Nick??? I'm intrigued!

Maple is so cute--Daisy loves it when when open drawers too, jumps right in--all happy and stuff, lol.

Smiles, Karen