March 04, 2008

Perfect Timing

Because I'm not feeling stressed out enough, Marin County has given me what my friend David likes to call a "curve ball" (he's from Taiwan so it sounds pretty funny). I have jury duty! Yes, how convenient, eh? I had planned on starting my wedding dress today but I'm going to go sit still for 8 hours instead. And just so you understand, I don't do "sit still". It will be torture. I had thought of it as a good time to work on monkeys, but when I called to see if I need to go in, they actually said, "no knitting needles" on the recorded message. ugh I wish I was in the middle of a great book right now.

Thankfully, I have made some progress lately so I can just look at it like a day off. I bought a ton of crystals & pearls this weekend to make my own jewelry and headband (yes, I'm insane). I don't like jewelry so I couldn't spend another minute searching Etsy for it - I'll do it myself. All I need is some wire and I'm set.
The shoes I ordered were too small and high, so I've ordered a second choice. Let's hope they fit because I like shoes even less than jewelry, sorry girls. As simple as these shoes are, I think they'll go well with my dress. I also made some headway on the chair covers. They're all ready to be hemmed now, they should be done by the end of the week. That's a large project off the To Do List. I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure. For the last two days I've had an uncontrollable urge to eat and eat just about anything. I'm sure it's stress. I even broke out the Hob Nobs yesterday. Mmmmm, look at that oaty goodness.

Let's hope I can get things under control. I don't want to have to take out my dress before I even make it! ha Have a great Tuesday, wish me luck and hope that I'll get sent home early.

p.s. Check out Jenn's new totes, omg. I want that monkey!


LeeAnn said...

Your wedding is going to be so beautiful. I love everything you picked out. What if you took crochet? Do you think you know the difference? Or maybe if you took knitting needles they will throw you out. Could be a good thing!

Katie Jean said...

Wow, that is quite the luck of the draw. It looks like you're making good progress though. I love that fabric you've used for the chair covers. And the shoes are really cute. Hope they work out for you!

jessica said...

Jury duty always comes at the most convenient time - not! Last time I was called for jury duty was the week before Peter was due. Obviously, I got out of it on medical reasons;)!!

Anonymous said...

Love the shade of the pearls - and Chocolate covered HobNobs are the best! - Do you have much hassle getting the in the States? Thankfully for me I live in the Land of HobNobs (and in the town that is the Home of Jordans;-) )

I'm 5 weeks away from having my first baby so now I'm worried that they might try and call me for jury duty or something mad! I've got a beading workroom to sort out and in the midst of curtain making!

Good luck with the wedding prep!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh...HobNobs!!!!!!!