December 03, 2007

Fabric Addict

I was going to go into this long story today about selling at the market and a tutorial I had planned, but nothing's sounding good to me today. Instead, I'll tell you about some new fabric I came across today at the Fat Quarter Shop. I'm not usually a heart person, not at all, but Flirtations is just so cute. It's meant for Valentine's Day, but I think some of it would be great for Christmas. I seem to fall for every fabric line that Sandy Gervais designs for Moda. I just love her work. She needs to just stop. I cannot buy any more fabric! This is where I get my ideas though, so I shouldn't complain. Take a look at Moda's site, there are a lot of great things coming from them in the next couple months.
I'm a huge fan of April Cornell too, maybe because there are a lot of her shops up in Canada. I just finished a quilt using her Sunshine line (pretty much sold out everywhere now, it took me a while). How great are these colors? I used Warm & Natural cotton batting for this little guy and I really love the way it got all wrinkly after I washed it. It's kind of heavy too. It's got a great vintage look to it.
I think I could just shop for fabric all day, every day if I had time. And speaking of that, I need to rework my daily schedule. I decided to stop doing so many farmer's markets. Even when I have a pretty good day, it doesn't seem to be worth the stress. I spend every Saturday & Wednesday locked in my room from about 7am-11pm. I'm positive that the return is not worth the effort. I plan to take it easy a bit and work on custom orders & fun stuff too. I want to enjoy Christmas, not work myself to death. I have to thank Jenn for reminding me that there is a world outside of my sewing business. I would never take the time to bake something, or make something for myself. That's got to change. Please don't get too wrapped up in what you think you have to do, take some time for yourself. It's a lesson I've needed to learn for a long time, I'll keep you posted on how well I do, if I have time. ;)


Junie Moon said...

I love that quilt, the colors are so pretty but comforting at the same time.

This holiday season, I'm definitely slowing down. My own little healthy advent countdown plan has only been in effect 3 days now but I can see a difference already. I feel happy and not stressed.

Amy Herbst said...

I know exactly what you mean! I think we're all much more creative when we take time for ourselves.

I like the fabric... I think it would totally work for Christmas---the candies look like little peppermints :)

Nutsy Coco said...

You definitely need to make time for yourself, especially with the holidays coming up. It's so easy to get caught up in the things you think you should be doing.

Also, I love the quilt!

orange flower: sketchbook said...

I totally understand! I am making a real effort to work on the things I enjoy during the holiday season. It is so easy to get stressed out and before you know it, everything is over and you didn't get a chance to enjoy anything.

And, as far as fabric shopping goes, I am in total agreement! I love browsing fabric online. I am not allowing myself to buy any more fabric this year!


Felicia said...

I know that farmer's market stress well and had that same epiphany to step back and enjoy the season :)

Jody Sanders said...

I love the quilt! I saw it first on Flickr in the quilts and quilting group and was pretty sure it was April Cornell fabrics. I picked up a few charm squares packs from Fat Quarter Shop and am dying to do something with them, they are wonderful fabrics.

Jenn Maruska said...


You have been working very hard.

I hope you'll give yourself a break. Take a deep breath.

Then go bake some cookies and have fun! : )

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

hey well good for you! With the holidays and such, we all just take on so many responsibilities. It sounds like you are deciding to take it easy. Good for you! :-)

Now if I can only do the same, hehe. I know there is a world outside my business, but with creative businesses it all seems to blend together.