August 14, 2007

Etsy Love #9 - Lemon Cadet

Today I want to feature my friend Lemon Cadet. She's very creative and makes the cutest stuff for little people. I've been coveting her onesies for a while now and I finally got one. No! I'm not pregnant, I'm not even engaged. My cousin and his wife are expecting their first little one in about a month (I've been stock piling baby gifts for ages now), so I had to go over to Lemon Cadet's Etsy shop and make my choice.
I decided to go with Ryan the Yeti, even more perfect because that's my cousin's name. He's just so cute, and I love the blue color of this onesie. I gotta tell you, he's even cuter in person. I want a t-shirt with this guy on it for myself. He even has a little comb for his crazy hair. Beth really did a great job packaging this little guy too. Not only does he have that comb, but she also attached a button and a postcard...I love that kind of stuff. All the little extras say a lot about buying handmade. It's the personal touch that does it for me.
Anyway, you'll find a lot more at Lemon Cadet than just yetis (what's the correct plural for yeti? hmm?). I love her beans and the kitties & bunnies too. This is great stuff, very original and very well made. Next time you have to go to a baby shower, stop by Lemon Cadet first.


Christina J. said...

So cute! I see some nice things on there I could get for my nephew! Thanks for the tip.

BTW, I gave you an award on my blog today! :) Go check it out!

Beth Lemon said...

What a surprise! Thank you so much for mentioning me. I don't even have words to use for how much this means to me. When someone with such talent and craftsmanship says your work is good, it is worth a million sales. Thank you!

Marisa said...

This is adorable. I want one in my size!

Jane said...

I just bookmarked those bean undies! Too cute!