August 08, 2007

Etsy Love #8 - The Cherry Stem

Yeah, you'd be excited if this was in your mailbox. What a great little drawing! Thanks so much miss LeeAnn. Not only did she send me the cutest and most ginormous tote bags, but she drew this on the package. I can't do justice to the tote bags, you'll have to check out the Mint Basil blog to see why I went instantly to thecherrystem on Etsy to grab them before anyone else could. These totes are just great. I love reusable bags, but they're usually not very big. These bags are even big enough for Target,if you can imagine that.
On top of the great totes and packaging I got lovely hand written card, always appreciated, and some fantastic vintage buttons. LeeAnn suggested they'd make great monkey eyes, but there's no way I can part with them. (She's right though, they'd make great glasses) I wear glasses, maybe I can use them to make a monkey for myself. There's an idea. lol
So, please go check out thecherrystem. Her shop is filled with lovely things, I love her mason jar pincushions. Makes me want to start a collection.


Christina J. said...

How nice! I saw her post about the bags and was mad that I didn't get to her shop first! :)

I love LeeAnn's shop and blog, too. What a nice drawing - and great buttons! It's so fun to have a nice surprise like that in your package.

LeeAnn said...

I should hire you as my PR/Marketing/Sales guru! Thanks for all the positive words. :) I like drawing on packages. I think my post office people get happier when I drop off something with a little art on it. And monkeys always put a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

Those mason jar pincushions are just the prettiest things! I HAVE to go heart one right now! :)

Amanda Jean said...

here via LeeAnn's nice to be on the receiving end of a fun package. The shopping bags look great, and the packaging is great! how fun. :)