June 06, 2007

Sweet Goodness

I'm so excited, I finally go to sign up for a swap. I've been reading about them for months now and have felt very left out. So I got an email from Sweet Goodness Swaps about their latest, and I signed right up. I can't wait to participate and find out who my partner is. Weeee!

And yesterday I got a set of pennants made for my website & Etsy Shop, and I cut out a load more. I've been planning some Happy Birthday pennants for ages and just haven't gotten around to it. That might be what's cooking for today. Anyone have a good name for these new pennants? I keep thinking summer fruits, but there's no fruit in the fabrics, lol.

I must get to work, I've been catching up on some of my favorite blogs (Jenn Maruska Design, Whatever Strikes Mrs. Kwitty's Fancy, See Katie Sew, Fluffy Flowers, Mint Basil, This Girl Beads, Jump Up and Down...I could go on all day) this morning and I may get carried away. I read about some great things today in my blog list. As a matter of fact, go check out Fluffy Flowers' latest post. She's working on organizing her craft room. There are some great tips there in the comments. She's giving away a book too, I hope I win. Jenn over at Jenn Maruska Design did a post about her favorite tools & books a while back, and it was great...it's here.


Jenn Maruska said...

Are those sherbet colors perhaps?

Hey, thanks for the shout out!

I'm doing the swap this time, too.... wouldn't it be funny if we got matched up!

: )

iSew said...

That's what I was thinking too, haha. I wonder if Jenn's doing the swap and if we'd be partners. Maybe we should just make up our own swap.

Rainbow Sherbet?!?!? Perfect

LeeAnn said...

I signed up for the swap too! It's going to be a toughy for me though. I am fresh out of orange and yellow fabric. I just realized they are not a color that frequents my shelves. I'll have to wait to find out who my partner is before I go out thrifting for fabrics.

Anonymous said...

LOL Thanks for the plug! I need all the advice I can get :) I've gotten some pretty terrific inspiration already and I can't wait to get home and do something about that space :)

jessica said...

I think I'm going to leave the same comment as everyone else - I'm in the swap too (can't wait to find out who my partner is and really get planning) and thanks for the link!

Unknown said...

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