June 04, 2007

Etsy Love #5 - Felt at Home

I stumbled upon Felt at Home while I was living in the UK, I think I found them through the forums on Etsy. At the time I thought it was so cool to see other Etsy shops that were UK based, haha. Anyway, they are a 2 sister team based in Birmingham. (I've actually been there for a quilt show believe it or not) They do all sorts of really neat and unique handbags & purses from hand felted English merino wool. Their bags are so different. I love this doll purse especially. She's called Alexandra Elizabeth and her head is actually the handbag. If you check out her page on Etsy, you'll see that she has a zipper hidden underneath her "mass of golden curls". If my niece wasn't getting too old for these things (she's at the "cool" stage now, no dolls) I'd sooo get it for her. I wish I could come up with ideas like this.

Felt at Home also makes bracelets & necklaces so go check out their shop. Their international shipping rates seem very reasonable to me, and I'm speaking from experience here.


Anonymous said...

What praise! Thank you so much...you're very kind. We love, love, LOVE your monkeys!! Alex & Phil - from Felt~at~Home

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh my gosh - that is ADORABLE. I wouldn't be able to use it - I would display it in my studio : )

Did I say "I"? Um. Yeah. I would totally buy that for myself!

: )

Anonymous said...

Truly groovy. I'll definitely go visit this shop.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is adorable have to get one for my daughter. Thanks