May 23, 2007

What's on your sewing table?

Last night I was feeling really motivated so I cut out a bunch of stuff to sew today. I'm hoping to get myself into some craft fairs this summer so it can't hurt to stock up, right? I cut out 4 pairs of booties & 3 tote bags. If I'm really good, and get drag myself off the computer, I can get some of it made today before I have to go to the bank. I have stacks of fabric hanging on the stair rail, waiting to be ironed & cut too. Lots to do.

I've been searching online for some shows and I think I may have made some head-way. I found this site yesterday, there seemed to be a lot listed for the Bay Area. I need to get myself a calendar and start mapping out which ones I should apply for. There were a lot of them that make the seller pay 10%, I don't think I'm into that. I'm looking forward to selling at a craft show, I think my items will do well in person. I'm a bit nervous too, though I know I shouldn't be. I used to set up events for a living, I shouldn't have a hard time coming up with a nice display. Too bad I don't know anyone around here yet to come along & keep me company. Poor Nick won't enjoy it much. He loved the Maker Faire this past weekend. (sorry I didn't mention it sooner...hey, I went to the Maker Faire this weekend) It was a lot more fun for Nick than for me really. The CRAFT portion was a lot smaller and unimpressive if you ask me. I'm a total event snob, but it really lacked signs & continuity. We both found it really hard to understand what things were. Still, it was a great time. The life-sized Mousetrap was my favorite. You remember that game, from when we were kids (those of us in our 30's)? That was pretty cool. I didn't take any pictures, so you'll have to look on Flickr. Anyway, we had a good time & Nick may have found himself a geeky activity to do in his spare time (, yeah). Guess I should make one of those I heart nerds t-shirts next, haha. Just kidding Nick.

I was pretty busy yesterday with this too:

It was a sort of custom order for a friend. I mailed it to her sister-in-law for her birthday, I hope she likes it. (Happy Birthday Chris)

And this is Diana. She's a custom Gadget Monkey for Sheri in Arizona. Diana loves to play outside and pick flowers. She kind of looks like a flower basket, doesn't she? Have a good time in Arizona Diana. I hope you like desert flowers too.


jessica said...

I understand about getting off of the computer and to the sewing machine - if only everyone didn't post such great stuff on their blogs;).

Best wishes finding some fairs - I'm sure your stuff will do great!

LeeAnn said...

The bag you made for the sister in law is gorgeous!