May 29, 2007

Tomorrow's a Big Day

Guess what's gonna be here tomorrow?

That's right. Our shipment from the UK, completely and exactly on schedule, is being delivered tomorrow. Nick is really glad that he'll have his stuff around him again, and I am too. The only downside is the unpacking I'll be doing...again. Because of the lack of bookcases etc., a good portion of what I had in storage here in California is still in boxes in the garage. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to seeing all of our things in one place. (A HUGE thank you to Sterling Relocation, they were amazing. Unless all my stuff is broken)

It will be fun to get my sewing room sorted out. At the moment, it's still just a 6' table and a bookcase. I've really been missing some things (see photo), especially supplies. I've had to go out and buy so many things that I know I have a million of. I have enough fabric these days to open my own shop. I'm seriously thinking of stealing Missses Kwitty's idea and making some inspiration kits or something. Though I only have fabric and not all that other cool stuff she uses. There are probably a lot of books I can get rid of too. Maybe I'll add some de-stashing items to my Etsy shop. As if I needed more things to do. Aaargh!

And on another note, we had a great time this weekend at Ji
m & Julie's. Her very nice son was there and her sister too. I'd never met Julie's sister, so it was a treat. She recently moved back to California after a brief stay in New Brunswick. She had been very helpful to me while I was in the Canadian Residence process. Too bad it didn't work out for me. Don't get me started on that subject.

Anyway, the weather was nice, a bit hot at times, but not bad. The drive was shorter than I expected, and I got lots of monkeys made. Nick w
as happy to be able to do nothing for a few days too. All in all, we're really glad we went.

Here's just one photo of Jim & Julie's property. I took this out in front of their house, you can just see the fence through the trees. Nice.Happy Tuesday!


Jenn Maruska said...

Congrats on getting your things back soon! Yay!

(Let me know if you decide to list the fabric... I'd love to take a peek!)

Betty said...

Looks like we were almost neighbors this weekend. My brother lives in Yosemite Springs...and it was hot up there this weekend!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Yeah!! Busy days ahead for you! I'm sure it will be so nice to have all your stuff back and you can really start feeling at home.

I'm with Jenn--let me know when and if you list fabric--a girl can never have too much you know, LOL! Oh wait, I think that's supposed to be diamonds???

Smiles, Karen

LoveDynamite said...

Diamonds, Fabric what's the difference

iSew said...

I'd rather have fabric, unless it was for my ring finger.


Jenn Maruska said...

* Nick, are you reading this! *